The craft room has been busy...

I don't have much in the way of pictures, but the craft room as been busy recently!  Mom, Collette and I took a wonderful trip to town this weekend, including a nice long stop at JoAnn's.  Lots of fabrics!!  In the past I haven't been thrilled with the knit section, and I always hesitate to buy knits on-line.  Quilting fabric is pretty easy to buy on-line, but knits, well, so much of a knit is how it feels.  But this weekend the selection was really pretty good.  Collette bought several fabrics to make shirts for herself, and I bought some to make two long tunic/dresses for Isadora.  I was going to buy some fabric to make leggings, but when I went to the cutting counter, I was behind two women who each had at least 15 bolts of fabric.  One of them was buying everything on the bolt.  So we ended up leaving without those, but I still had a great time!

After the fabric store we headed to the sewing machine shop.  Mom got a featherweight at auction not long ago, and she sent it in for tuneup.  And I splurged, big-time, at the sewing machine shop.

A new serger!!  My old one is a bottom of the line brother from Wal-Mart, purchased 10 years ago.  The tension never works, and the threads break constantly.  I don't think I ever made it through a project without the threads breaking.  This one is auto-threading!!!!  My word, it's SO COOL!!  Stick the thread in a half-inch or so, push a button, and WHOOSH, the needle is threaded.  It's amazing.  I sewed up the tunics for Isadora in about an hour, if that.  It has a beautiful stitch, so smooth, and just keeps running.  It makes me positively giddy.  So I apologize for all the capitals and exclamation points, but this new machine is wonderful. 

We spent a good deal of Sunday cutting out the fabrics, and my new serger will be getting a lot of use, I'm sure!  I am still working on my quilt, but I want to get more fabric cut out before I get the machine set back up on the table.  Fun times!


  1. That is exciting that you got a new serger!! a new toy in the sewing room is always fun!!

  2. oh how I would love to have the room for a serger! I could get so much use out of one! I haven't made much for clothes over the last few years, but if I had a serger, I would definitely be making more things. I got a huge roll of a super-heavy thick thick knit (for FREEE) that is white/black/gray - awesome fabric, but it would be best sewn with a serger!

  3. I have had my babylock serger for more than 10 years and it has been totally worth the money and is still going strong. As for your elna air, see the following post from an experienced machine repairer in the UK:

    i love my vintage elna SU and it is going strong (made 1972).


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