The Equinox Walk

My family recently started an equinox walk tradition.  When all the roads are exactly lined up on the cardinal directions, on the equinoxes the sun sets smack in the middle of the road.  When the road is quiet and rural, you can walk directly into a beautiful sunset.  Yesterday was no exception. 

 We set off down the road with about 15 minutes to spare before sunset.  The little ones sometimes decide that riding is more fun than walking...  Luckily, there is no shortage of willing shoulders on which they can hitch a ride. 

 Dad's field had cornstalk bales this year, and the kids got a lesson in teamwork as they boosted each other up to the top.  Nothing makes you feel tall like jumping up an down on top of a big bale!  At least when you're 8. 

 And the timeless game of pretending the corn stalks are jail bars, and breaking your way out.  I definitely did that as a kid, too. 

I hope these are good memories we're creating for our kids.  Enjoying each other, enjoying the outdoors, enjoying a quiet evening with family.  Life is most definitely good. 


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