Summer Fun

I feel like I've sort of lost my quilting mojo lately.  With my summer schedule at work, I don't get to work out over lunch, and so it's much more difficult to follow my "no exercise, no craft room rule".  So when I do follow it, I just don't get much sewing done.  I finally did work on some quilt blocks this morning.  Just a couple of half-square triangles I needed to finish up the blocks for Lucky Pezzy, but it felt so good to at least sew a few!  And to be honest, I have had some clothes finishes, so it's really all just perspective, right?  And yes, I'm rambling.

I had a fabulous weekend with my sisters.  I took Isadora, and Collette took Fiona, and we headed into Chicago for a girl's weekend.  Our big excursion was to the American Girl store.

Isadora and cousin Sofi on the train - just a bit of excitement there!

After much deliberation, Isadora chose the Kit doll.  She looks just like her!

We didn't get to do the meal at the AG store, but we still broke out all the matching dresses for the dolls, and had a very nice lunch.  

All the girls and dolls in their matching dresses.  

At the Kidney Bean.  I know that's not it's actual name, but it's accurate.  Very cool monument, and the girls got a ton of compliments.  

Love my girl!

The one "accessory" I let her get was a new book.  She, not surprisingly, chose one of the mystery books.  She is an aspiring detective (although I have told her that unless she can learn to find things that she's actually stepping on, she might want to rethink that choice).  

Unfortunately, less than a day after we got Kit, my two year old niece got to her with a purple sharpie marker.  I got most of it off with fingernail polish remover, and per advice from several forums, am working on the remainder with Oxy-10.  I was quite proud of Isadora; she cried for a little bit, but took it very, very well.  This morning, as I was applying the ointment, she said, "Mom, they're like scars, and it's okay if people have scars, so why are you so worried about getting the marks off?"  Her aunt offered to buy her a new doll, too, and she said she didn't want one, because Kit was her doll, and she loved her no matter what. 


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