My Little Guy

This one is all boy, and what a sweet boy he is. 

 We had the opportunity to spend some quality one-on-one time recently, while Isadora went to Chicago, and it was a blast.  
 A fearless monkey - climbing to the top of the crow's nest, repeatedly, on his own.  He's a jumper, is this one. 
 The sheer amount of entertainment hours provided by the green wagon is pretty remarkable. 
 And when the wagon alone is not enough fun, hook it onto the stroller and pull both of them around.  I've gotten more hours of play out of that $10 umbrella stroller than out of 98% of the toys we own. 
 Keeping him off the bridge without supervision is a full time job.  He's, of course, fascinated by all the creepy crawlies he can find.  Just wait till there are fish in there!
 "Momma, I tired.  I just going to lay down for a few minutes, okay?"
 Faster, mommy, faster! 
 And when you're done spinning, what kid doesn't want to have a rest inside the tire swing?
And if all that weren't adorable enough, the little guy loves to help me clean. 


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