Thread Catcher

I've been in the new house for almost a year now, and things are getting pretty close to settled.  My craft room is still a work in progress (although I imagine I'll be saying that when I'm 80!).  One thing I decided I very obviously needed was a thread catcher.  To date, my wastebasket hasn't found a home close enough to the machine to work, so I've just been sort of letting the threads fall where they may.  You can imagine the results of that!  My poor vacuum...  Last night I had some time, so I broke out the tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew for the pincushion/thread catcher combination.

It called for three coordinating fabrics, but I had a panel of jelly rolls that I'd sewn together ages ago in my scrap bin, so I cut all the pieces out of that instead.  I used crushed walnut shells for the filling, and it did take me several attempts to get the amount of stuffing I needed right. 

Overall, it was quite fun to work on, and I completely lost track of time, so when I finished it I looked up to discover it was WAY past my bedtime!  But I was finished, and I think it turned out pretty cute.

The only downside of the evening was that when I finally did get upstairs, I discovered my dear daughter was taking advantage of my absorption to watch episodes of cartoons on the Nick Jr. website.  A six year old awake at 11:30 does not make for a pleasant morning! 

So for now, I have a home for my seam ripper and oft-used feet, and a crabby, tired daughter.  Hopefully she won't be too hard on her teacher!  And all that thread won't be too hard on my vacuum when I get around to cleaning it up...


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