Something New

I finally did break down and start a crochet project.  I was browsing the web for something, I can't even remember for what, and found a YouTube video on how to make a waffle stitch scarf.  And JoAnn's had yarn and crochet hooks on sale, so it seemed like the thing to do!  It was great to have something to work on while still being able to watch some of the football games with DH.  I love the way the scarf is turning out; it's very warm and cuddly.  I think I may try and make several scarves this year (crocheted and otherwise) and give them to my sisters for Christmas next year. 

This scarf is currently about five feet long.  I used up one skein, and decided I needed to add more length.  One advantage of the really bulky yarn is how quickly it grows! 

JoAnn's also had a granny square book on clearance, so I picked it up as well.  I'll have to do a lot more refreshing/googling/you tube instruction videos to remember how to do anything beyond a single and double stitch, but I don't mind. :)


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