Slow Going

Isadora came into my room on Sunday morning, about four a.m., complaining she didn't feel well.  Shortly after she threw up all over the living room rug.  Poor kid.  Gunner had already been suffering from diarrhea for a day or more, so by that point I knew I would most likely not be going to work on Monday.  By about six-thirty, Marc and I both realized we were not feeling well.  The day just went downhill from there.  Isadora probably watched seven hours of television, and Gunner spent most of the day playing in his room, while Marc and I tried not to die in bed.  Izzy and Marc were back at school/work on Tuesday, but I stayed home for another day with Gunner. 

It's Thursday now.  I finally started eating a bit yesterday, and think I'm pretty much back to normal.  So I've gotten almost nothing done.  I did finish the crocheted scarf for Isadora, but have made no progress on the dining room seat cushions.  To be honest, they're kicking my tushy.  Quite firmly. 


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