I had a meeting with the quilt guild yesterday.  A local historian was there, and he is an avid collector of both feedsacks and feedsack quilts.  He brought an impressive collection of quilt tops.  It amazes me how many unfinished tops are floating around out there...

His discussion of the topic really did put things in perspective, at least as far as how good we have it.  In many homes in the 30's and 40's, every piece of cloth in the house, clear down to the skivvies, was recycled feedsack.  Many of the women in the guild recall wearing feedsack underwear, or going off to college with only two feedsack dresses to wear.  

My picture of one of the most impressive quilts didn't come out; it was an amazing hexagon quilt, with over 10,000 pieces.  

Overall a fascinating evening!

I didn't realize feed sacks came in so many solid colors...
A quilt done in 1880's style in 1940's fabric.
Love the small squares, and the black definitely sets it off
He called this one the leftover block quilt, as it was obvious that all of the blocks were different sizes and styles, and had been made into one quilt
I'm normally not a fat of the spiderweb quilt, but I do really like this one!
I liked the purples
So may small blocks!  I can't imagine doing all the cutting for one of these without a rotary cutter!


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