A New Year...

I started out the year with a good day in the craft room, but no quilts will be forthcoming.  Instead, I'm working on finally getting the covers put on the cushions in our dining room window.  The foam has been staring at me for months, so I figured it was time to get to it.  I made almost all of the piping for the edges.  I need to go get another pack of cord today.  I also got one of the three cushions covered in muslin, but I think I sewed them in too tightly.  I may have to redo that edge. 

It's back to work today.  It wasn't easy to get out of bed this morning, that's for sure!  It's been so nice to spend time home with my hubby and the kids.   But I think it is about time for my daughter to get back to school. 


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