For a good cause

This quilt has always been one of my favorites.  I love the colors, I love the design, and the quilter did a great job with it.  And this weekend, I donated it to my church to let it be auctioned off as part of our fall dinner. 

It wasn't my original intention.  I made a quilt last year to auction off, and had another one put together for this year.  But due to bad planning on my part (and I admit, it was entirely my fault!) I didn't get it back from the quilter in time.  Since I'd promised I'd donate one, this one went.

But, in a lovely twist, my brother and his wife bought it!!  She just got a new job, and wants it to hang on the wall in her office.  I am SO glad that it's going to my wonderful SIL.  I currently have it back in my house, I need to put a hanger on it.

And since I should get the one I made for this year back from the quilter eventually, I already have the one for next year.  Nothing like planning ahead!


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