WIP Wednesday - and first Quilt Guild Meeting!

Where has the time gone!!!  How do the weeks fly by and I NOT ACTUALLY GET ANYTHING DONE???

But I did go to my first quilt guild meeting.  A neighbor knows I'm a quilter, and she invited me along.  It was definitely fun, even if I was the youngest one there by 20 years (and I'm no spring chicken!)  But an evening with the quilt guild is not one spent sewing.  Ah decisions!  I'm just hoping I do join and can somehow manage to get to the retreat.  Two days sewing?  No kids?  Bliss, I tell you, sheer bliss! 

Seeing all the fun quilts at guild definitely made me wish I didn't work this darn 45 hour a week job!  But then I wouldn't be able to afford the fabric, so I suppose it's a tradeoff.

In progress:

Swoon - two blocks completed
Farmer's Wife - 12 blocks completed (this is a very LONG term project!!)
Fiona's quilt - for my niece - almost done!  Just have one more border to sew on. 
Summerville Hopscotch

Line 'em Up - Fat quarter batik quilt destined for the auction block for our church dinner.  Amazing how that snuck up on me!  New pattern, but so far I'm liking it, it's going together quickly. 

Needs quilting:

Class Reunion
Batik hourglass quilts

Needs Binding:

Under the Sea quilt for my in-laws

Planned (meaning I have all the fabric and am ready to go):

Summer Breeze Jewels
Ruby, Pearl and Opal quilt (this will be for a quilting bee)

Those are the quilts.  Now onto the clothing:


Blue and Grey knit dress
Dark blue linen dress
Linen striped dress
Knit shirt (would have had this one started, until I realized I had the wrong size pattern.  Whoops!  At least I only paid 99 cents for it.)


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