Snowing and Sewing

It's now been two full weeks that there hasn't been school.  Yesterday work was mostly closed, so it was a work from home day again, as well.  I've been really good about just 10 minutes of sewing here or there, and it's really adding up! And making minis is such good instant gratification.

For the minis, I decided it was time to use some of my specialty rulers, just because.  So I made a tumbler mini, and one with my sidekick ruler.  I used some leftovers for the former, and a partial charm pack of Amy Butler for the latter, so win-win all around! 

I'm thinking big stitch quilting? 
Love that Amy Butler fabric!! 

I started one out of the clamshell ruler, but that's going to have to wait until I've developed into a much more patient quilter than I currently am...

I have a huge stack of layer cakes, so I'm also trying to get some quick quilts made up to use up some of those.  I pulled my Catnip cake (prize from the #rowsofcats quilt along on Instagram) and added a simple aqua stripe to each one.  I've already done all of the blocks, so just need to assemble!  I also pulled a batik cake and a very simple pattern that should be another quick finish. 

Gotta love those fuzzy socks!

I'd been staying away from swaps, but since I'm on a mini quilt kick I joined in a quick one, heart themed.  So these fabrics are up next:

And since I've been doing art quilts as well, I started playing with the leftover sari ribbons from a project my daughter did for 4-H last year.  Somehow, this will be attached to fabric in the not-too-distant future...