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WIP Friday

I finally got a quilt loaded on the long-arm this week, and worked diligently.  It was looking absolutely great, until I realized my tension was WAY WAY off, and all of the pebbling I had done had to be ripped out.  The only bright side was that the tension was SO bad that it was actually pretty easy to rip out.  Thank heaven for small mercies, I guess!  I haven't had the nerve to load it back on yet, although I did get a mini loaded, and tightened up the top tension a ton.  But I only did straight line quilting on the mini.  I need to get something else loaded and test some more pebbles. 

The modern blues is completely cut, and ready for piecing.  I've partially pieced the HST mini as well, so at least that's off the design wall!  My plan for the week is to finish piecing that, start in on another quilter's patch block, and start piecing modern blues.  That should keep me busy! 

Recent Finishes


Barb's Quilt - finished center 16 patches and four patches, wor…

WIP Friday

We're back to school, and as much as I hoped things would calm down, they seem to have gone in the opposite direction!  For example, this week I had a 4-H meeting with daughter on Monday, meeting with son's principal and teacher the morning of Tuesday, Fine Arts Booster meeting Tuesday night, doctor appointment for daughter on Wednesday morning, prepping for quilt guild Wednesday Night, TTT meeting on Thursday night, volunteering at the Fine Arts Booster fundraiser supper tonight, and so it goes.  Pretty much ALL THE TIME.  And this is in addition to my regular 40 hour per week job.  Argh!  And hubby has moved to the night shift; he's the plant supervisor for 3rd shift now.  Technically 3rd shift goes from 12-7, but since he's in charge of the whole shebang at night, he's expected to be there early for turnover, stay for the morning production meeting after the shift is over, then spend the next two hours finishing his daily report.  So we're looking for a new …