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Slow and slower...

Not a whole lot of progress on my list.  My daughter has officially started homeschooling, and my evenings are disappearing into the abyss as quickly as chocolate disappears out of my desk drawer.  I expected it would be the case, but it does pain me to see my quilt production drop so rapidly.  And I miss sewing - it's my peace time.  Exercise feels good, too, but I so enjoy the sensation of actually creating something from something else. 

And as the year ends up, I'll have to go back to my beginning of the year list, and see if things match up at all...

Recent Finishes

Frond quilt in Blues
Every Which Way (need pictures) 


Angela Walters BOM - 12 blocks finished, starting on setting blocks
Classic Meets Modern BOM - Starting to piece top
Prism Star - eighteen diamonds done, starting piecing on next color set 
Bitter Almond  (all blocks complete) 
Guild Mystery Quilt (leader and ender project) 
Memory Quilt - commission 
Marine Corps quilt - helping Kit  

Needs Binding

Recent posts

Weekly WIP and Life in General

Part of me is just starting to wonder if I just need to accept the fact that for the next 10 years, my quilt production is not going to be what I would like.  Because in 10 years, my son will graduate from high school, and my plan is to go to part-time work, and MAYBE then I will have some free time.  It doesn't seem to be happening now!

I'm getting some stuff done.  I started another memory quilt commission project.  Not sure how quickly I can get it put together - not as many t-shirts, and some odd sizes, so I am going to have to work to get it to look cohesive.  We shall see.  I started the cutting on Quill.  I'm a bit puzzled by the size of some of the pieces in the kit.  It seems like too much of some and not enough of others.  Hopefully it will all work out!  I got Shenandoah on the long-arm, with Winter Garden soon to follow.  Simple straight lines on the former.  I had a small spool of variegated thread from Superior that happened to be a perfect match, so that was…

Weekly WIP

Now that the Frond quilt is finished, it's back to the list!  I've been chugging away at the Prism Star a few minutes at a time.  It's paper-pieced, and the step I'm at now involves taking all of the paper off, so a bit time consuming!  But it's a relatively easy one to do a few minutes at a time.  I need to get the 2nd October block for Classic Meets Modern done tonight - I've kept up every month, so don't want to fall off the wagon at this late state.  It's a log cabin and mostly cut, so it shouldn't take too long to just finish the one block.  I also have Quill out and ready to start cutting. 

Next up on the long-arm is Shenandoah and Winter Garden, which should be quick finishes, followed by the Morris quilt for Bev.  That will definitely NOT be quick...

Recent Finishes

Frond quilt in Blues
Every Which Way (need pictures) 


Angela Walters BOM - 12 blocks finished
Classic Meets Modern BOM - January through September  and one October block finis…

A Paid Gig!

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Frond Design Studios, and their bold, vivid and unique prints.  I'm lucky enough to be not too far from their storefront in Cedar Rapids, and am IG friends with one of their designers.  I've purchased several pieces of original art from her as well. 

 Frond is getting ready to go to Market, and one of their regular quilt-makers just had a double knee replacement, so they asked if I'd be willing to make something.  Woo-hoo!  It was definitely short notice, but I get to do an original design and write a pattern to boot! I based the design off of the fall quilt I did recently - it's easy to put together, but very striking with the fabrics.  They have a new print with these gorgeous flowers.  They're taking the place of the trees in the design. 

I got it all put together in a couple of long nights, and got it loaded on the long-arm.  It's HUGE, at 100x120.  The pictures just don't do the colors justice.

I'd pl…

Weekly WIP

It's pretty trite to say something like "I can't believe October is half over", but good Lord, I can't believe October is half over... So many things yet to get done!

I did manage to get this one finished for the church dinner!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one, and may have to make another one for me... It brought over $500, so I was pleased with the outcome! 

I went with a pretty simple all-over quilting design, in the interests of both visual simplicity and time.

And the name of the quilting design was "Leaves", which just seemed way too appropriate for this quilt!

Some other minor progress - I'd forgotten I'd signed up for a fabric stamp swap, so I quickly got a bunch of those put together.  Fun little project!

And I've made progress on my guild quilt.  I always forget how much I love Kate Spain until I start working with her fabrics again.

My goal for the weekend is to get Shenandoah and Winter Garden quilted.  Neither should take long, as I&#…

Weekly Works in Progress (although short on the "progress" part...)

School is in full swing, and it's easy to forget how busy this time of year is.  I'm in our local Fine Arts Boosters for our school district.  I'm a huge proponent of arts and music in the school, and my sister is the local high school choir director.  So this is me putting my time and money where my mouth is, but this is a crazy time of year for the boosters.  We have a couple of portable carts at the local university football games, so we have to find volunteers for that.  We made and sold kettle corn at a two day craft fair last weekend.  That happens to be right across the road from my house, so I was there for quite a bit of that.  We sell more kettle corn and biscuits and gravy at the local fall festival, which is this weekend.  And we do a pancake supper at the high school homecoming.  So it's a LOT of rounding up volunteers, and a lot of a core group of us doing a LOT of stuff.  I had to take a half day of vacation yesterday to round up supplies.  I'm heade…

Weekly WIP

I'm afraid there won't be much sewing this week.  This weekend I have a wedding to go to, and then the family is getting together for our Fall soup-making.  We're only doing 125 quarts this year, though, so hopefully that will go more quickly than usual!

I need to get the Morris blocks trimmed down.  I guess I need to queue up my audible book or some Netflix for that; it shouldn't take long once I get going.  I did start making more of the Prism diamonds.  They look so lovely when together - I have a feeling I'm going to love that one!

I opened the kit for Winter Garden, and it's basically a panel with borders so I can finish that with any decent chunk of time.  I also broke out the kit for Quill and am going to press those fabrics soon, and get started cutting.

Every Which Way is almost done, I hope to finish that tonight.  I need to get the long-arm freed up for a friend.  Shenandoah will be the next one loaded, I think.  Side note - I loaded Every Which Way …