In looking at my WIP list, I did manage to get quite a few things finished over vacation, but I also want to get a grip on what is still in progress, and get those prioritized and finished.
Deadline items -  1. The mini for Jen (likely Mini Chic) 2. Swap mini (not yet started, fundraiser for Aussie wildlife)
Long delayed gifts (next priority) 1. Moda Love for Barb - just need to add borders 2. Hexology - gift for my goddaughter
Charity items for 2020 1. Mantle runner x2 - for church, October deadline 2. SNICU quilt (as yet to be determined which one - maybe Four Patch?) 3. Julie's T-Shirt quilt 
Long-Time WIP's
1. Moda Building Blocks (just need to get the courage up!) 2. Prism Star - need to trim square, maybe size up??
What other priorities??
I want to use up fabric, so probably some large scale blocks to finish up quickly for charity.  The large star FQ quilt I have kitted up, for example.  Maybe more than one of those?  I have a ton of FQ's to use up.  Background fabric …

2020's first WIP - major changes!

The two commission projects were finished and have been gifted to the intended recipients.  I didn't get decent pictures of them, but have asked to get some final ones with the twins.

Over vacation I actually got some of my quilting mojo back, and made time to get some serious progress going on things and knock out some finishes!  I had hoped to get pictures yesterday but the wind was blowing at 30 knots so that didn't happen.  Maybe today?

And one of Mom's Christmas presents to me was to take the kids for two days, provided I spend the day in my crafting room.  I definitely need to take her up on that!

Recent Finishes:

Magic Spark
Blue and Gold - Commission #2
Selvage Stocking
Classic Meets Modern
Frond kit - Birds of Paradise
Kit's USMC Quilt
Teal and Cat
Ombre tumblers (mini)
Angela Walters BOM
Beetle Adventures (mini)
Magic Spark sample x3


Patchwork Sky
Moda Love quilt - center finished, need to add borders
Ombre tumblers (leader and ender)

WIP List

So little time for quilting recently, but that's okay.  Priorities!  Isadora's schooling obviously comes first, so I'm working on a 10-minutes-a-day philosophy on the quilting.  Since I have a couple of commission projects in the works, those are obviously taking priority so my "fun" projects will just have to wait. 

But first up an actual finish!  I'd wanted to get the mantle runner and tree skirt done for the fall dinner, but that just wasn't going to happen, so I finally got some binding done, and this one will get auctioned off. 

Patchwork sky is coming along; I need to make a few more sub-units, but the stars are all finished and I'm making progress.

Paper piecing and ombre!

And reading - I'm actually reading this aloud with my daughter.  I LOVE LOVE LOVED this book when I was in high school.  I've read the whole series several times, and still pick them up from time to time to read favorite passages.  

Recent Finishes:

Layer cake quil…

WIP Wednesday - Fall Edition

I've been trying to tackle that pile of tops!  Classic Meets Modern is now quilted.  I went with a panto on this one.  I have somewhat mixed feelings about the pantos.  I think I may prefer just doing free motion, but on the other hand it is nice to give it some real consistency.  I can definitely see the appeal if I had a computer controlled long-arm, but I don't.  I do like how this one came out; it has a slightly modern vibe to it, and worked out well.  

This one is just free motion; another Christina Camelli pattern from her new book. In looking back at her sketches, I am not giving it as much movement, but I've done enough I'm going to have to stick with what I've got for now!  It's just enough to give some overall texture, and should be done quickly.

The evenings are filling up quickly again, and if I'm going to exercise I'm going to have to get up in the mornings to do it.  There just isn't enough time in the day otherwise! 

I added the chur…

WIP Wednesday

The summer is rapidly winding down!  School for Gunner starts on Friday, and Isadora's homeschool classes start on Monday.  Hopefully those will help provide us with a bit more structure.  I've had luck finally getting some progress made.  I'm back to working out in the mornings (which is oh-so-painful while I'm doing it, but so nice have out of the way) and that gives me a small block of time in the afternoon to get 10 or 15 minutes of sewing in.

I finished the quilting on the Guild sampler quilt - it went pretty quickly.  I wanted just some overall texture, and I love how it turned out.  Christina Camelli's book is full of great designs that can quilt up quickly but are more interesting than your standard stipple. 

I actually won this round of thread chicken!  Superior is definitely my go-to thread for quilting.  I'll need to order another spool of this color soon!

I'm going to get Rows of bricks ripped out, but in the mean time will probably load up lay…

WIP Monday

Made some updates to the list, to reflect some other projects that have jumped on there, mostly non-quilt projects.  I had an itch to cut out some clothing, so I got a couple of pieces cut out.  I finished a couple of tops, and have some dresses in progress.  It's challenging going back to 3-D sewing, but it's also refreshing.

Priorities for now:
1. Finish piecing Hexology - it shouldn't take long, I just need to get a chunk of time (although that's easier said than done)
2. Add the borders to Moda Love; that would get it off the piecing pile.
3. Finish piecing A New View; it's in the house so I should be working it when I have 10 minutes here and there, instead of trolling Reddit.
4.  Finish piecing the Guild mystery quilt; see comment on #3!

Once Natalie finishes her current quilt on the long-arm, I'll load up Rows of bricks.  That should be another quick finish (and one more thing to add to the binding pile...)

Summer Fun

Summer is well underway, and flying by as usual.  We spent the Fourth of July in Alabama for a wedding.  Two days driving and two days there made for a loooonng weekend.  I did get a little bit of cross stitch done in the car, but otherwise it was a definite break from productivity and workouts. 

It's 4-H time again, and Izzy finished this adorable outfit for the clothing event.  I was quite disappointed in the judge, however.  She went in full Cosplay, and the judge was visibly bothered by it.  She practically scowled at Isadora the entire time, while she smiled at the rest of the kids.  This outfit involved pleats, and invisible zipper, darts, set in sleeves and some MAJOR pattern hacking.  We changed it from a button down front with a separate collar to no buttons with an integrated collar.  There were only two girls in the judging class, and the other girl got the purple.  She made a fleece robe.  Seriously.  I was infuriated.  So much so that we left before participating in th…