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Glamp Stitch-a-lot!

I headed to Pink Castle Fabrics and Glamp Stitch-a-lot last weekend, and had an absolutely amazing time.  Hubby was worried about me going to Detroit, and I laughed and assured him that chances were I'd never leave the hotel.  I was right - we sewed from early morning to late night, and had a blast.  It's so fun to hang out with a group, where questions like "ooh - love your bag, what interfacing did you use??" are perfectly normal, and where you can get lots of help and opinions on just what color fabric should go where.

We had four classes over two days, by AnneMarie Cheny, Anna Maria Horner, Guiseppe and Lizzy House.  Talk about a star line-up!  I loved all of them, and can't wait to finish the projects we started.

The general theme was "mini's", and Guicy Guice took it quite literally!  These four inch paper-pieced blocks were time-consuming, but oh so fun!  I'm planning on putting the four black ones on the pocket of a purse.

The hoop proj…
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Making t-shirt quilts

As I mentioned last time, I've taken on the task of making t-shirt/memory quilts for three high school kids in my church.  Their dad passed away two years ago.  I knew him from the time I was a kid, and his younger sister was in my class from pre-school through high school graduation, so I'm happy to be able to do this for them.

 Thanks to a retreat last weekend, I have gotten a really good start on this, and am continuing to make progress.  I have one top entirely finished, and another about 2/3 done.  All the t-shirts for the third are prepped and ready to go, so it should be relatively easy to finish the tops in a timely manner.  I'm already starting to dither about what quilting to do on them, so that should take a good long time to figure out.

I've made pretty decent progress on the Making Modern - Blues quilt.  I just need to piece the rows together.  Social Ladder is also in the works.  I'd been hoping to get to that a bit at retreat, but haven't h…

WIP Thursday

Some fresh changes to the list...

First of all, I took on a project that I absolutely don't have time for, but am going to do anyway.  There is a family in my church who lost their father several years ago.  She has three teenagers, and she asked if I'd be willing to make t-shirt quilts for her kids for Christmas.  I have no idea if I can actually get it done, but I'm certainly going to try!  She didn't want solid t-shirts, or just plain blocks, so I found three patterns that I like, and am going to try and do a different pattern for each kid.  I hope to get all three done and quilted, but we'll see!  I think getting the layout done will be the hardest, but hopefully I can make it happen.

I made progress piecing modern blues.  It's definitely not hard, but does take some organization!  Used my quilt marking pencils to keep track of the various strips, and so far it seems to be working.  We'll see how it comes together!  The grain on the background fabric ju…

WIP Friday

I finally got a quilt loaded on the long-arm this week, and worked diligently.  It was looking absolutely great, until I realized my tension was WAY WAY off, and all of the pebbling I had done had to be ripped out.  The only bright side was that the tension was SO bad that it was actually pretty easy to rip out.  Thank heaven for small mercies, I guess!  I haven't had the nerve to load it back on yet, although I did get a mini loaded, and tightened up the top tension a ton.  But I only did straight line quilting on the mini.  I need to get something else loaded and test some more pebbles. 

The modern blues is completely cut, and ready for piecing.  I've partially pieced the HST mini as well, so at least that's off the design wall!  My plan for the week is to finish piecing that, start in on another quilter's patch block, and start piecing modern blues.  That should keep me busy! 

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Barb's Quilt - finished center 16 patches and four patches, wor…

WIP Friday

We're back to school, and as much as I hoped things would calm down, they seem to have gone in the opposite direction!  For example, this week I had a 4-H meeting with daughter on Monday, meeting with son's principal and teacher the morning of Tuesday, Fine Arts Booster meeting Tuesday night, doctor appointment for daughter on Wednesday morning, prepping for quilt guild Wednesday Night, TTT meeting on Thursday night, volunteering at the Fine Arts Booster fundraiser supper tonight, and so it goes.  Pretty much ALL THE TIME.  And this is in addition to my regular 40 hour per week job.  Argh!  And hubby has moved to the night shift; he's the plant supervisor for 3rd shift now.  Technically 3rd shift goes from 12-7, but since he's in charge of the whole shebang at night, he's expected to be there early for turnover, stay for the morning production meeting after the shift is over, then spend the next two hours finishing his daily report.  So we're looking for a new …

Charity Quilt Finish!

Another charity quilt is quilted, bound, and donated!

This was made by Diana Vaclovick of Sweeny, TX, and sent to the amazing Jo Kramer of Jo's Country Junction.   Jo sent it on to me for quilting, and my lovely fellow guildmates in the Kountry Quilters of Wellman bound it.

I did a simple loop design, which is good for a beginner like me and makes for a nice soft quilt for a child.  Perfect for this kid-sized, kid-friendly fabric!

A fun and colorful quilt!

Here it is on display at the auction - it was sold to help support Feed the Kids, and organization that supplies backpacks of food for kids in need each Friday, so they have enough food to get them through the weekend.  It brought enough to fill a backpack every week for the entire year for one child! 

I'm sure the recipient will like it as much as my little nephew/model - he thought it was the perfect size for him!

WIP Wednesday

Some changes to the list!  First and foremost, I finished piecing Moda Building Blocks.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the results!  So I am undoubtedly going to spend several hours obsessing about how to quilt it.

I was afraid it would be too busy with the prints, but it all comes together beautifully.  Not that I'm biased, of course...

I got the MSQC, Tilted Squares, Moda Love and the batik quilt all bound.

I finally got pictures of KerBloom!

I finished the quilting on the PB&J four patch - loved how it turned out.

I got started on a new mini for a swap - another paper piecing project.  I love this one, and it turns out I might get to keep it.  My original partner withdrew, and I think I'm going to try and do a project that she wants more than this current one.

Also making project on my cross stitch round robins.  Slow but steady...

Recent Finishes

Tilted Squares
Batik Quick Quilt
MSQC stars
Moda Love


Barb's Quilt - finished center 16 patches, have the 4 patches inside as L/E