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Slow and slower...

Not a whole lot of progress on my list.  My daughter has officially started homeschooling, and my evenings are disappearing into the abyss as quickly as chocolate disappears out of my desk drawer.  I expected it would be the case, but it does pain me to see my quilt production drop so rapidly.  And I miss sewing - it's my peace time.  Exercise feels good, too, but I so enjoy the sensation of actually creating something from something else. 

And as the year ends up, I'll have to go back to my beginning of the year list, and see if things match up at all...

Recent Finishes

Frond quilt in Blues
Every Which Way (need pictures) 


Angela Walters BOM - 12 blocks finished, starting on setting blocks
Classic Meets Modern BOM - Starting to piece top
Prism Star - eighteen diamonds done, starting piecing on next color set 
Bitter Almond  (all blocks complete) 
Guild Mystery Quilt (leader and ender project) 
Memory Quilt - commission 
Marine Corps quilt - helping Kit  

Needs Binding