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The grass is finally starting to grow!  I was more than a bit worried about how sparsely it had come up, but a week of warm weather, along with some much needed rain, did wonders!

The pond continues to fill slowly.  I was amazed at how little it seemed to grow after several inches of rain, but the ground was so dry and the rain was such a nice slow, steady rain that there wasn't much runoff at all. 

We're still working on renting the little house.  I'm more concerned with getting the right tenant than getting it filled quickly.  This person will be living close by! 

I finished another BOM from the FQS this weekend, and finally finished the quilting on City Weekend.  I started Summer Jewels, and have almost finished another Farmer's Wife block, as well. 

I do love progress!


I finished the super-sized shoefly top!  Now I've started trying to decide which quilt is next, and am doing the latest BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop in the meantime.  I also have several pieces of garment sewing that I want to get done, including a dress for my daughter. 

So let's see:

Piecing -

Farmer's WifeSwoonFQ Block of the Month Top done, needs to be quilted
ReunionStacks of Color (Fiona's quilt)Super-size Shoefly
City Weekend (SO close to done, just lost steam) Needs binding
Fall ColorsOld Gold (batik hourglass)  Planning
Summer JewelsRuby, Pearl and Opal (will be for my Quilt Bee)Hulabaloo StarsBatik Sampler StarHugs and Kisses (for Gunner)

My Reader

The weekend

Good weekend!  Neenee and Poppy came to visit, and the kids had a great time seeing their grandparents.  The rain, although it put a damper on some activities, is desperately needed around here, so I wasn't complaining.  The dinner Saturday was a great success.  The pork loin turned out perfectly, and everyone was full at the end. 


Still working on the supersize shoefly - I have four of six blocks done, and am hoping to finish it up this weekend.  It may be the quickest top I have ever made!

So let's see:

Piecing -
Supersize ShoeflyFarmer's WifeSwoonFQ Block of the Month Top done, needs to be quilted
ReunionStacks of Color (Fiona's quilt)
City Weekend (SO close to done, just lost steam) Due back from the quilter today, will need binding

Fall ColorsOld Gold (batik hourglass)  Planning
Summer JewelsRuby, Pearl and OpalHulabaloo StarsTerrain Sampler Star (maybe, still debating this one)Hugs and Kisses (for Gunner)

I won!

I really really won!  This giveaway on the amazing Tallgrass Prairie blog. 

How cool is that!!!

Here is what I won:


I started this new pattern last night. What the picture really doesn't properly convey is the size - this block is almost three feet across.  Yes, feet!  The pattern calls for six blocks, and I have six great polka dot prints.  Should be really fun when it's done!!  I haven't really worked with such large blocks before, but it is definitely coming together quickly. 

Pictures with my kids

I read something recently (and I wish I could remember what it was to share it) that struck a chord.  How many of us moms don't want to be in the picture?  Either we're taking the pictures, or we're convinced that we don't look good enough, or whatever.  But when my kids are older, looking back at their pictures of childhood, I WANT TO BE IN THEM.  I want them to remember me hugging them and loving them and being with them.  So my trying new things is to not be so camera shy, and have people take pictures of me WITH my kids, not just of my kids. 

Here's a start, and I think it's a great one.  The beautiful kids do help. :)

Not nearly enough sewing...

My biggest accomplishment for the weekend was to get the floor in my craft room vacuumed.  I know, doesn't seem like it should be that big a deal!  Yet it was, go figure.  I went against the norm and put carpet in my craft room.  It's in the basement, and although there is in floor heating, I wanted something a little more cozy.  I still remember picking pins out from between the boards in the hardwood floors in my mom's sewing room, although picking them from carpet isn't much different.  I just didn't want freezing cold feet! 

I lent my machine to my mom for part of the weekend, which is why not much sewing got done.  She had an outfit to finish for an event, and hers was in the shop. 

Before that I did finish my last bee block!  This one is for my amazing Aunt Mary, who ninety-one and still sewing.  My goal!

For a good cause

This quilt has always been one of my favorites.  I love the colors, I love the design, and the quilter did a great job with it.  And this weekend, I donated it to my church to let it be auctioned off as part of our fall dinner. 

It wasn't my original intention.  I made a quilt last year to auction off, and had another one put together for this year.  But due to bad planning on my part (and I admit, it was entirely my fault!) I didn't get it back from the quilter in time.  Since I'd promised I'd donate one, this one went.

But, in a lovely twist, my brother and his wife bought it!!  She just got a new job, and wants it to hang on the wall in her office.  I am SO glad that it's going to my wonderful SIL.  I currently have it back in my house, I need to put a hanger on it.

And since I should get the one I made for this year back from the quilter eventually, I already have the one for next year.  Nothing like planning ahead!

Thursday Thoughts

The meeting with Isadora's teachers went very well yesterday.  I like her new teacher, she seems engaged and enthusiastic.  They both seem willing to work with me on developing those "executive skills" that she has challenges with.

It seems like Gunner is growing even faster than his sister did, and I'm really not sure how that's possible.  I went to the gym yesterday.  I'm glad I'm working out (even if the doc says I have strained ligaments and need to wear a knee brace) but I hate it when I hardly get to spend any time with the little guy.

We are trying to find renters for the little house.  Hopefully someone will want to live there!

Weekend Project

So the effort this weekend was pretty much entirely outside.  My dad, brother and brother-in-law all came over, with several friends, and with hubby and I (okay, mostly hubby!) built the foundation of a bridge across our pond-in-progress.  I have a perfect view down the middle of the bridge from my sewing room chair, and I can't wait until the pond is full and I can watch my kids and nieces and nephews leaping off the bridge into the pond on a hot summer day.