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Weekly WIP

Things that I need to actually do:

Decide how big Crystal Gems is going to be, and cut more (or not) accordingly.  Find Prism Star so I can actually start working on it againRe-cut ShenandoahPick out the fabric for the Stellar Stars BOM (I think I've actually done this...)Figure out what quilt gets started next

Recent Finishes

Anna Maria Horner Little Fan Dance 
Anna Maria Horner applique mini
Libs Elliott mini


Crystal Gems 
QAD Flight Effects mini  
Angela Walters BOM - five blocks finished
Classic Meets Modern BOM - January and February blocks finished
Morris Apprentice - for Bev (set up as Leaders and Enders)  
Prism Star - demo for guild 

Rows of Cats 

Needs Binding

Hoop mini - orange
Making Modern - Blues 
Social Ladder
Making Modern - Rainbow quilt

Top Completed, Waiting for Quilting

Every Which Way - ready to load 
Mom's table runner 
Moda Building Blocks
Frond butterfly quilt
Batik HST - quilting partially done 


Aviatrix - stalled, need to get moving on…

Stepping Down - Finished!

My latest Moda Bakeshop project is finished!

This was a fun one - I'd submitted it a while ago and promptly forgot about it.  Then lo and behold, the box of fabric arrived and I got started sewing.

The design was fun, but the math didn't work out quite as perfectly as it did when I sketched it - those pesky seam allowances! :) But overall I love the final result.

Of course the short schedule made finding time to get it photographed a challenge, with the variable weather. 

Thankfully I had three kiddos to help wrangle the quilt!  

The bright colors looked great outside; I actually really enjoy winter and love the hygge concept, so this fit right into the cozy notion, with three kids snuggling under a quilt looking at the snow.  

I quilted it with all-over swirls.  Since I had the dot grunge fabrics, a circle based design seemed to work best.  I used my go-to Superior Magnifico silver thread.  Especially when working with something that has both black and white, it works grea…

Spring Break WIP

It's Spring Break for the kids, and here at work.  (I still have to be at work, but it is blissfully quiet, by and large!)

Which means, that (other than Faith Formation on Wednesday) there is NOTHING on the calendar for any night this week.  Nothing!  Which means I should be able to get some sewing done!

I have made some progress on that binding pile.  Little Fan Dance is finished and on the wall!  This one is staying inside, rather than in the shop.

Another AMH mini, from Glamp Stitch-a-Lot, is also finished.  I absolutely LOVE how the Frond Fabrics look in this one.  

Kool Thing, a Libs Elliott pattern in Libs Elliott fabric, is also done!  (It's obviously in the shop; I need to start making pockets on the back top corners for the magnets that hold these up.) 

Astute readers will notice I bound all of the SMALL things, and none of the big ones.  Maybe I can get to at least one of them this week?

And in the manner of quilters everywhere, I've been inspired by the Q-Bitz…