Snow Day, Sew Day

The weather prognosticators are at it again, predicting from 6-10 inches of snow for most of the state this weekend.  So while everyone else is stocking up on bread and milk, I ran to the fabric store over lunch to make sure I had everything I needed for several days of sewing.  It's not that I don't have enough fabric at home, but my sister asked me to whip up some aprons for a fundraiser, and I got an idea to do it out of a specific fabric, and I think they're going to turn out great.  She has a Feb 1st deadline, so I'm hoping I can get all of them done this weekend - it's a mom/daughter/doll matching set.

I finished up Shenandoah last night, getting the hanging sleeve added.  I'm not thrilled with how it hangs overall, though; there is a definite curl at the bottom.  It's like the binding is just a hair smaller than the rest of the quilt.  I always use the walking foot, so I'm not sure what caused it, but it's staying as is.  If it looks too funky hanging on the wall, it will end up a small cuddle quilt, I guess!  Or I can use it as a baby quilt...

Quill became a quilt top during the week!  Glad to get this one done.  I'm not sure where it will go eventually, although I got an idea today... 

 I pieced this one mostly inside, so the cat decided to get in on the action.  #nothelpful

I've decided there aren't nearly enough minis on the walls on my inside craft room, so this one is jumping in as a weekend project
It's 32x32, so a bit bigger, but I think it will make a great addition. 

I'm also going to add some strips, log cabin style, to this vintage project made by mom.

The scraps from Quill just happen to work about perfectly with the embroidery floss colors on this, conveniently enough.  I'm going to do it quilt-as-you-go as well, so should be a quick project. 

Six to ten inches of snow and a three day weekend!  With lots of fabric to be used and loved.  Should be about perfect!