Reviewing the Planning List

As the year winds up, I thought I'd take a look at my planning post from the beginning of the year, and see how I did.

Baby Quilt for Heather (Rail Fence stars?) - I finished this one (on time!) and it's been mailed off it's new owner

Sparklers - Not started

Abacus - In progress, five of ten rows pieced

Triple Barn Star - for Aunt Bev - changed patterns, and top is finished 

Aviatrix - no progress

Making Modern - Rainbow quilt - top is finished

Downton Abbey economy blocks quilt - no progress

Bitter Almond - all blocks pieced, deciding if I should size up to a bed-size

Lemon Pepper - not started

Shenandoah - needs binding only

Color Plus - not started

Happy Camper - not started

Chic Country - not started

Wonderland - needs binding only 

Percolate - not started

Prism Star - 3/4 of diamonds finished

Moda Love II - not started

Classic Meets Modern - top is mid-assembly

Angela Walters BOM - all blocks done, working on setting 

Others that got added to the list mid-year:

Church Dinner quilt - finished

Frond Quilt (commission) - finished 

Guild Mystery Quilt - piecing (as leader/ender)

FourSquare - piecing (as leader/ender) 

Rows of Cats - finished

Singing the Blues (Moda Bakeshop) - finished

Band Camp (fundraiser) - finished

Step Down (Moda Bakeshop) - finished

Memory Quilt (commission) - needs binding

Of those I added, four (including the bakeshop) were commissions, and two were fundraisers.  The mystery quilt was a guild thing, so that's why it's there, and the four-square was so I'd have a L/E project in the shop.  So really only the Rows of Cats jumped the queue completely...

I did finish up a couple of WIP's, and I have a couple that are STILL works in progress...