More Snow Day - Sew Day WIP Progress

The kids have now been out of school for 10 days; five consecutive snow days!! That combined with scheduled absences now has us on basically a second winter break.  My son has now watched pretty much every dinosaur show available on Curiosity Stream, and has moved on to shows about how the universe was made.  And he's built LOTS of lego toys, but he's definitely ready to go back to school.

At least with the weather, there have been lots of cancelled evening meetings and lots of working from home, so my production has definitely gone up!  I'd decided there weren't enough mini quilts in my inside sewing room, so I've been working on remedying that situation.

I found this vintage embroidery in a box of stuff from Mom, and added the borders to make it a mini.  The scraps from Quill just happened to work perfectly, color wise! 

Speaking of Quill, it's now a top and in the long-arm pile!

This is cut and ready to be pieced together.  I adjusted the pattern slightly to make it a bit bigger - it will be a great summer addition to the quilt rotation. 

It's definitely been a "use my precious Frond Fabrics" sort of kick!  The pieced blocks were from scraps, and I cut into yardage for the vortex squares.  I adjusted my initial border/sashing layout, and am much happier with this version.  I do need to figure out what's going on with my binding, though; the quilt itself was perfectly flat BEFORE the binding, but wavy after I put it on.  That's the third time recently that's happened, but I haven't changed my process, so I'm not sure what's going on... Any ideas??

I finished my Making Modern quilt, and gifted it.  I did get some pictures taken and will hopefully get them off the camera soon. 

I've got a couple more ideas for minis that I'll probably try and knock out while the weather continues to be uncooperative.  The high on Wednesday is projected to be -13 degrees F... Chilly!  I made a bit more progress on Prism star as well, as I'm currently on the last colorway. 

I've got the setting blocks for the Angela Walters BOM cut, so I can start piecing on those soon.  I'm still debating on the Bitter Almond do-I-size-it-up question.  Making progress on the Guild Mystery and Four Square L/E projects as well. 

Recent Finishes 

Winter Garden 
Toss the Bouquet (mini - Frond)
2nd Frond mini
Happiness is Handmade (mini)
Making Modern - Rainbow


Angela Walters BOM - 12 blocks finished, starting on setting blocks
Prism Star - eighteen diamonds done, starting piecing on next color set 
Bitter Almond  (all blocks complete) 

Guild Mystery Quilt (leader and ender project) 
Frond kit from Marc
Four Square (leader and ender project)  

Needs Binding

Kit's USMC Quilt  

On the Longarm 

Top Completed, Waiting for Quilting

Crystal Gems 
Moda Building Blocks

Morris Apprentice 
Classic Meets Modern BOM


Moda Love quilt - Barb 
Modern Owls

Aurora Borealis  
Various mini quilts
Galentine Swap   


Craftsy QAYG
Fabulous Flowers
Farmer's Wife - should move indoors for the smaller projects...
Quilter's Patch - BOM from FQS.  Finished six(?) blocks
QAD Flight Effects mini