A Paid Gig!

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Frond Design Studios, and their bold, vivid and unique prints.  I'm lucky enough to be not too far from their storefront in Cedar Rapids, and am IG friends with one of their designers.  I've purchased several pieces of original art from her as well. 

Love these! 
 Frond is getting ready to go to Market, and one of their regular quilt-makers just had a double knee replacement, so they asked if I'd be willing to make something.  Woo-hoo!  It was definitely short notice, but I get to do an original design and write a pattern to boot! I based the design off of the fall quilt I did recently - it's easy to put together, but very striking with the fabrics.  They have a new print with these gorgeous flowers.  They're taking the place of the trees in the design. 

I got it all put together in a couple of long nights, and got it loaded on the long-arm.  It's HUGE, at 100x120.  The pictures just don't do the colors justice.

I'd planned on an all-over quilting design, but it just screamed for something a little more custom. 

And I had to do something with those amazing flower prints.

I ended up using two thread colors as well - a thicker blue for one, and a variegated one for the floral sections.  

I finished it late Monday night, and had to load it up to take to the shop, so no decent pictures. 

But I'm sure Frond will get some professional ones done - can't wait to see them!