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WIP Wednesday

Time for a much, much overdue WIP Wednesday...

This week I had to entirely empty out my huge fabric cabinets.  We are building a shop on our acreage, and we designed a loft room to go into the top of one end.  It's going to be 12x30, so a good sized space. The idea is that someday I will own a long-arm quilting machine, and that will be its home.  In the meantime, it will still be my primary sewing room.  The current sewing room will covert to the guest room, and the current smaller guest room will be my 'satellite' sewing room.  So I get a ton of room, but that does mean a LOT of thinking and organizing about what will go where. 

The loft room is open right now, and I put the cabinets on pallets so the construction company can lift them up with forklifts and get them put into place.  The things are well over six feet tall, and weigh a TON, so this is by far the best way to move them!  It involved 5 adults just to move them the 15 feet to the pallets (although that did include putting them through a window!)

It also made me think about future projects, since I'm not entirely sure when I'll get to open the four large boxes of fabric again.  So I pulled out a couple that have been on this planning list for a while.  I'm sure that will keep me busy!  

Recent Completions:
Thicket of Stars, aka Secret Project #3
Control Panel (still need pictures)
Mondo Bag


Farmer's Wife
Moda Building Blocks
PB&J Four Square (Leader/Ender project)

Needs Binding

Final Frontier (fall dinner quilt)

Top Completed, Waiting for Quilting

Secret Garden


Secret Project #4
Triple Barn Star


Craftsy QAYG
Vintage Modern Scrappy
Fabulous Flowers


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