Bits and Pieces

The basement is slowing coming together!  The cabinets are in, I just need to do a LOT of touch-up and finish painting.  The painstaking kind that takes forever, unfortunately.  But they're up, and if my hubby freaks about the fact that I forgot to do anything about surround sound, oh well.  We shall deal.  Besides, I think maybe that's what that HDMI cable is for??  I honestly have no idea.  Regardless, progress is being made.  I need to go to Menard's today and pick up shelves.  Lots and lots of shelves.  So if I take tomorrow off to paint, I can get stuff loaded up on said shelves on Friday morning before I pick Marc up at the airport, and hopefully Thursday night I can call in the big guns and get furniture moved to the basement.  We shall see.  But progress is definitely being made.

If I ever get that done, maybe I can finally get some pictures taken.  Because this quilt is completely finished.  As in the binding is on and label sewn on, finished. 

This quilt top is finished.  I need to find some backing fabric and get it sent off to the quilters. It turned out so bright and cheery!

This one continues to progress.  I'm getting a little more comfortable with the improv thing. 

I've pulled the fabric for the next start - a layer cake with white background, so nothing too difficult, but hopefully it will be a quick finish.  Another Moda Bakeshop project - don't you love those?