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Starting the Week Over

Yesterday certainly did NOT go as planned.  I had to play piano at a funeral, for starters.  For someone that I admired a great deal, liked a lot, and have known since I was 6.  She was only 58, and passed away from a massive heart attack after singing at a funeral.  She was far too young, and she will be greatly missed in my small parish.  The funeral went well, and I took the day off of work to attend, play piano, and help in the kitchen.

I had decided to take the rest of the afternoon off, instead of trying to get back to work.  I was going to go home, get in a nice workout, and treat myself to several uninterrupted hours of sewing, before getting the kids, picking up the sitter, and having a pleasant evening at quilt guild.  Well, THAT didn't happen.  I hadn't been home for 15 minutes when Isadora's Y camp called, and said that her foot appeared to be infected.  She'd gotten a splinter the night before, and although it came out cleanly and it hadn't bothered her last night, her foot was swollen, red, and warm.  So off to the doctor. 

By the time we finished up there, it wouldn't have made any sense to not pick up Gunner, since I didn't want to make yet another trip into town.  So I spent some time playing with the kids, before making them dinner.  Which they steadfastly refused to eat.  I finally got them to eat something, got Gunner in the tub, and realized that it was 5 minutes to seven.  I should have picked up Allison 15 minutes ago.  So there goes quilt guild.  Isadora spent some time refusing to go to bed, Gunner spent some time screaming his resistance to sleep, and I took an aspirin.  Since I never did get my workout in, my self imposed "no workout, no craft room" rule applied, and I spent the evening watching TV.  I had forgotten what a waste of time it feels like to do that. 

And as of today, I'm starting the South Beach Diet.  My weight has just never come down after Gunner, and it stays where it is least healthy - right around my midsection.  I'm trying to be healthy, recent events (aka the funeral) have reinforced how important that is.  I love carbs and sweets, so this is NOT going to be easy. 


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